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So you've been tasked with producing PDF documents on demand, from your server, with custom data, in real time.

You've looked at the option of web-to-pdf converters, but you've seen the issues others have had with page breaks, repeated headers, private content, and more.

Maybe you need to include images and have your documents be print quality.

Or you need to include content which is not publicly accessible, so you think a web service is out of the question.

You've come to the right place!

PDFUnicorn is a web service for creating PDF files.

PDF files can be created directly from source documents, or from data applied to custom templates.

The markup language is intentionally simple to allow you to start creating templates and documents as quickly and easily as possible.

Document content is securely sent from your server to ours enabling private customer text and images to be included without allowing remote access to your server and content.

Document images can be uploaded at print quality resolutions to create the best looking documents possible.

This is not a html2pdf conversion service, it is designed as a simple, reliable way to create multi-page documents.

Get 50 pages per month on our free starter plan


Over the years I have been presented with the challenge of creating custom solutions for generating PDF files from data for invoices, packing slips, and assorted other documents.. It's really not as much fun as you would think.. ;)

The solutions available include:

Latex is probably the way to go if you have the expertise. It gives you full control of the generated documents and allows you to take advantage of most of the features available to the PDF format.

Converting HTML to PDF is hard to get right, especially when it comes to documents which span multiple pages. HTML was designed to display single pages of varying size. It has no concept of pages limited to a set size or having to split up content and repeat sections of it across multiple pages.

PDFUnicorn is my attempt to simplify the process of generating PDF documents and to save you the time and costs associated with creating and maintaining your own solution.

Why would you want to use PDFUnicorn?

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I want to build a solution to solve your PDF generation problems. I want to keep it as simple as possible to use while allowing you to create the documents you need, the way you want them.

I have a long list of features I could implement, but I want to hear from you, so I'm not just creating another overly complicated solution to what should be a simple problem.

PDFUnicorn is not built on someone else's PDF generator. I can improve and modify any and all of the layout features that turn markup into documents.

So let me know what you need and I will do my best to turn that into a reality and let you get on with running your business. Contact Me any time, I'd love to hear from you.

You can create a PDF by combining JSON data and a PUML template using our online demonstration.

Using our simple API you can:

  • Upload your logo and other images at print quality resolutions.
  • Upload your templates which can automatically handle paging and repeated headers.
  • Send your data to our server and get back pixel perfect PDF documents to send to your clients.

Check out the documentation for our API, markup language, and template system.

[logo] The Unicorn

PDFUnicorn is a PDF creation web service for businesses who need to generate custom PDF files on demand. We use a simple HTML-like markup language designed for laying out pageable documents in the simplest way possible.

Get 50 pages per month on our free starter plan

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